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Chiemgauer Holzhaus has a team of experts who have been specialising in building wooden homes for more than 30 years. We have won many awards for our exceptional build quality and energy efficiency. Chiemgauer Holzhaus combines traditional carpentry skills with state of the art CNC production technology.

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With wood, nature offers us the most attractive material and also the most important in terms of building physics. No other material combines so many excellent properties in terms of building and quality of living. Through meticulous attention to detail, we strive to further process this beautiful material towards creating a healthy, ecologically and biologically optimal Chiemgauer Holzhaus home. Our self-imposed demands for exceptional quality naturally exceed legal specifications.

We take our time in harmonising structural and architectural design with your expectations to ensure that you, like our many customers, will spend your future comfortable and secure in your Chiemgau timber house.


Chiemgauer Holzhaus has over the past decades earned a solid reputation for building the highest quality solid timber houses. Maintaining and growing this reputation is our ambition for the future development of our company.

Founder member of the DMBV (Deutscher Massivholz- und Blockhausverband) [German solid timber and log house Association], exclusively representing selected, renowned & quality conscious manufacturers

RAL quality seal

Bavarian Quality Award

Member of Gütegemeinschaft Blockhausbau

Our family run company, with its team of experts has been specialising in the building of timber houses for more than 30 years. The Chiemgauer Holzhaus homes combine the best traditional carpentery skills with state of the art technology. The solid timber comprises untreated and winter felled spruce from the regions of Salzburg, Berchtesgadener Land, Traunstein and the Black Forest, providing all the advantages of ecology and indoor climate local to our company and further lowering our carbon footprint. Wooden house construction costs are relatively low due to low cost of planning, high degrees of prefabrication and short times on site.

Chiemgau Holzhaus received the Bavarian Quality Award in 2004. The jury remarked, among other:

“Chiemgauer Holzhaus receives this award for its quality management, especially its quality strategy. The communication between production, project leader, building contractor and construction is intensive, with the objective of improving current timber house quality standards. Master craftsmen are integrated in the process at the planning stage already. Any problems identified in the course of site meetings after completion and final acceptance are analysed and corrective action is defined for future reference. The procedures are presented to the building contractor in visual form during the quotation phase.”

DMBV – Deutscher Massivholz- und Blockhausverband e.V.

What is the DMBV?

The Deutscher Massivholz- und Blockhausverband e.V. (DMBV) is an amalgamation of German manufacturers of log and solid timber houses.

The DMBV was founded 16 years ago on 26 July, 1984. The mission of the association remains unchanged – to raise and further develop the high quality standard of log houses and solid timber houses in line with technical progress. Chiemgauer Holzhaus is a founder member and remains actively involved in the association’s activities.

External monitoring by RAL = consumer protection

The market is flooded with often self defined private marks promising the consumer good quality and environmental benefits. In Germany, only RAL [German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification] is allowed to issue quality marks. Always check for the RAL mark to be sure that your solid timber house is of tried and tested quality. Chiemgauer Holzhaus has been awarded this quality mark and, being a founder member of the Deutscher Massiv- und Blockhausverband (DMBV), we are compliant with its stringent mandatory quality standards. Independent inspectors monitor manufacture and construction on behalf of RAL to ensure compliance with this high standard.

DIN Standard quality timber, as mandated under quality protection for German solid timber and log houses, is seasoned in addition. This is carried out in heated drying chambers. The energy required for drying is invested well. Solid timber, provided dry when installed and kept dry by structural wood protection, needs no chemicals for preservation and guarantees a long and healthy service life of the house, with no noxious substances and low heating costs. Solid timber houses are low energy houses virtually by nature. The low thermal conductivity of wood offers high values of insulation, even for relatively thin walls. This allows you to outsmart heating costs whilst also gaining more living space.

Walls of solid wood guarantee a pleasant and harmonious living environment from the onset, and throughout the life of the building.