Today we would like to introduce once again an employee of the Chiemgauer Holzhaus team:

Felix Wolf is 25 years old and has been training as a carpenter in the Chiemgauer Holzhaus since 2017.

After a successful visit to the Waldorf School in Prien, he ended up at Lake Constance, where he began and trained as a farmer at an organic farm. But also a dream profession has light and dark sides. He decided to do another apprenticeship and came to Chiemgauer Holzhaus through his hobby of working with wood. Ecological building, environmental awareness and the good working atmosphere he liked immediately.

His hobbies are climbing, playing football and outdoor activities (hiking, mountaineering ..)

In 2017, Felix Wolf was already involved in various projects in the assembly team and helped to realize 9 Chiemgau wooden houses.