Further services in the corporate group Chiemgauer Holzhaus


Chiemgauer Holzhaus exclusively manufactures solid timber houses. Our houses are permeable, without vapour barriers in walls and roof construction. We do our very best to always meet the optical and design requirements of our customers, using proven, biological construction and detailed design solutions.

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Our wall systems contain no construction chemicals, metal, adhesives or impregnated wood. Wherever possible, we do not use construction chemicals for window and roof connections either and we use materials approved by building authorities and certified under biological construction standards. A Chiemgau Holzhaus is the realisation of the often cited room-climate of solid timber homes and a “recreational space” for many allergy sufferers.

Whether modern or traditional – our construction system offers a wide range of options and technical detail. We can easily combine top quality with modern appearance or rustic look. Whether your home should have cosy timber walls or colourful plaster, tile or stainless steel surfaces is totally up to you. We will realise the technical detail according to what you have decided on. Please visit our picture gallery of Chiemgauer Holzhaus Log homes or Chiemgauer NatureWall homes.

Chiemgauer Holzhaus also supplies high grade windows and doors. Several lip seals, tripple-glazing with large spaces between the single glass sheets, proven glass ventilations, heavy and sturdy window embrasure and frame dimensions, insulating glass, coated for optimal translucency – these are the distinguishing features of our construction elements which furthermore prevent condensate formation and sealing problems.