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Building Process and Mounting of your home

Building Process and Mounting of your home

Chiemgauer Holzhaus will advise you in all aspects of your home construction from initial consultations, through the fabrication and building to the moment your dream wooden house becomes your home.  We will remain your partner to rely on during every phase of your building project.

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Chiemgauer Holzhaus can accompany your building project right from the start. Our relationship begins with a personal consultation with our english speaking team in which we explain our construction methods and details of our wall structures, roofing, thermal insulation as well as windows and doors. This could also be done over the phone if travelling is too far or scheduling of a meeting is problematic. In this initial consultation, we will provide an experienced team member for you to discuss your personal project needs with. Click here to arrange a meeting with us.


We need a technical design drawing for us to carry out a budget calculation.

This can be provided by our specialised design and engineering team who will work with you to help design your home from the very start.

If you already have a design drawing or drawing for a building application, we can work out a quotation based on your wishes with regard to visual and structural design options, such as the appearance of ceilings, wall surfaces or different types of windows all of which Chiemgauer Holzhaus can offer.

This service will be free of charge should you continue to build with us. However if you choose to go forward with one of our competitors, we would charge a small fee for this work.

Alternatively you can provide us with your own full architectural drawings.

On the basis of these drawings, we can then calculate the cost of your building project. Following this we would request a meeting with you to discuss our offer.


You may already have your approved building plan, or you may commission us to provide you with the application and documentation for submission to the authorities for approval. Once the building permission has been issued, we will start to prepare all the details for your project. The approved plans will be presented to civil engineers to check the dimensioning of all components under bending stress, the horizontal and vertical wall loading, the in plane bearing loads of ceilings and roof as well as anchorage of the house to the floor slab or basement. Our structural engineering department will simultaneously start drawing detailed plans of wall construction and, after receiving the load calculation results, the detailed plans for ceilings and roof of your new home.

After completion of the construction plans, we will work with you as well as other relevant companies for basement construction, electrical equipment and heating system construction that may be involved in your building project and hold a meeting to discuss all interfaces, connections and ducts. Final details such as the positioning of electrical wiring, light switches, plugs, outlets for lamps, telephone and TV as well as relevant mounting guidelines will be discussed here with the partners for these components of your home. All the visual design features involving joists, rafters, corner design for log constructions, façade designs, etc. are also discussed and finalised with you at this meeting.

This meeting is the final opportunity where you can modify the design of your building project. After your sign off on the drawings and protocol, all design drawings are thereafter passed to our production site for the production of your home.

Decisions on design components of your home, such as bathrooms, kitchens, floor tiles as well as window designs may be carried out beforehand or afterwards with the suppliers of the goods that you may want to have involved in your building project.


After your approval of the construction plans, your house will be manufactured on a modern CNC controlled production line. The wood used is harvested at high altitudes, therefore slow-grown with tight annual rings. After harvest, the wood is slowly kiln dried with great care and proven temperature profiles. Our team is made up of experienced, trained carpenters that combine a high level of traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge manufacturing methods.


The pre-fabricated components of your home will be delivered to your site after completion of the manufacturing process. Our staff can either fully erect your home on their own, or we can offer to erect your house in conjunction with your chosen sub contractor. You would, under this agreement, provide four to five contractors with the proven ability to carry out work on roofs and scaffolding with a good level of joinery skills over the entire building period (normally four to eight working days). Together with your contractors, we will construct your house under the supervision of our experienced foremen.

Apart from the rewarding experience of helping to build your own home, significant savings in costs might be another argument in favor of this type of collaboration. This method of team building under supervision does not affect the warranty and guarantees as set out in our contract for construction services.

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