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Your Chiemgauer Holzhaus home is highly efficient in terms of resources and energy. The construction method we use to build our homes guarantees very low energy consumption characteristics. Wood offers outstanding thermal insulation, is free of toxic substances, is a sustainable raw material and may be disposed off again without damaging the environment.

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Chiemgauer Holzhaus homes convince through their many ecological characteristics. They manifest themselves not only in an eco-conscious and environmentally friendly style to build, but also in the wallets of our customers.

No glue or metal

Chiemgauer Holzhaus wall systems are made without glue or metal. Unless unavoidable for loading or structural reasons, adhesives are never used for any joints in our homes. There is no need for introducing chemicals into the living space of our homes when proven alternatives are available.

CO2 reduction in our atmosphere

The photosynthesis necessary to grow our building material removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and uses this to build wood biomass. Though many believe that trees store CO2, this not quite accurate. The tree is merely a long-term reservoir of carbon (C). The oxygen component (O2) of the CO2 molecule is released back into the atmosphere when the tree consumes the carbon for its growth. Approx. 1,835 tons of CO2 are extracted from the atmosphere in the course of growing one ton of spruce timber.

Regional and sustainable

Chiemgauer Holzhaus wall systems consist of timber components without glue or metal connections. The raw material is produced right here at home – in the region of Salzburg, in particular. The forest areas from where the raw material for Chiemgauer Holzhaus homes is removed are reforested after felling, starting a new cycle of raw material growth.

Thermal insulation and heat protection in summer

The Chiemgauer Holzhaus solid wood walls have high thermal insulation properties. The construction elements cool down slowly in winter and also offer high protection from heat in summer. Thanks to the solid structure of Chiemgauer Holzhaus wall systems, interior warming (heat entering from the outside in summer) or cooling (heat loss to the outside in winter) is always very slow. This results in minimal cost of energy and a cosy indoor room climate – warm in winter and cool in summer.