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Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Chiemgauer Holzhaus homes are permeable, free from toxic substances and glue. Living in harmony with nature.  

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Chiemgauer Holzhaus homes are made from 100% wood

The wall core of a Chiemgau timber house consists of untreated montane timber, free of building chemicals or chemical wood protection. The softwood insulating fibreboards are tested and approved by building authorities and are exclusively manufactured by pressing and felting of the wood fibers. This system creates our trademark permeable, solid mould free wall systems.

Chiemgau timber houses are permeable AND sealed

Beacaue vapour seals, barriers and foils do not appear in Chiemgauer Holzhaus wall systems the indoor room climate is controlled through the diffusion capabilities of the wooden wall construction. Although the glue and metal free wall elements have many joints, our houses are 100% water sealed as proven through numerous hydrological tests.

No building chemicals are present indoors

Only natural building materials are used in our wall construction, meaning that no chemicals are introduced indoors through adhesives, solvents or wood protective agents and therefore no chemical gases are being released into your living space.

Well being assured through the ‘relaxing’ wall

The solid wood core of our homes provide a pleasant, warm sense of touch to the surfaces of the walls. This is irrespective wether the walls are bare wood or paneled with drywall boards or clay surfaces. The pheromones, which the wood releases into the rooms through the permeable wall construction have a proven relaxing and calming effect, like the well known swiss stone pine bedrooms.

Automatic indoor climate regulation without additional air-conditioning equipment

Cooling down and heating up times for our wall systems are proven to be better than those of brick buildings with the same thermal transfer figures. Humidity variations are controlled through absorption and release via the porous structure of our solid wood wall, resulting in a pleasant cool indoor climate in summer as well as a cosy, warm temperature in winter.

Antibacterial and dust reduction

Due to the special heat treatment when kiln drying all the wood used in a Chiemgauer Holzhaus home, our homes resist fungi and wood destroying insects such as woodworm. The special resins and oils of wood have an antibacterial effect and create a dust-reduced surface.

Shielding high frequency radiation

The Chiemgauer Holzhaus wall systems almost completely shield against high frequency radiation emitted by mobile phone transmission stations. This is a further benefit of Chiemgauer Holzhaus. Offering their occupants improved quality of life and peace of mind.

Fire protection

The Chiemgauer Holzhaus wall systems meet all the demands of the fire protection standard, with fire protection properties clearly superior to those of steel reinforced concrete constructions with  same strength of wall. Under 900 – 1000°C thermal load, Chiemgauer Holzhaus solid wood walls retain their static load bearing ability longer than comparable traditional constructions.

Safety in case of water damage and earthquakes

The ductility of Chiemgauer Holzhaus wall systems is outstanding. When stressed, the static load bearing elements can undergo significant plastic deformation without collapse, and will return to their initial shape. The fully permeable Chiemgauer Holzhaus wall structure allows water leakages in the building (caused by flood water, burst pipes, etc) and allows the walls to dry out again without causing mold or structural damage to the building.

The Chiemgauer Holzhaus home. A CO2 reservoir

Growing trees removes the CO2 greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, by using it to build their fibre structure. Chiemgauer Holzhaus homes make a positive environmental contribution because the basic building material is growing naturally and is renewable as opposed to the production of conventional building materials such as bricks or steel reinforced concrete. Chiemgauer Holzhaus homes are manufactured without the need for energy intensive production plants to produce building materials and building chemicals.

Sound Proofing

Chiemgauer Holzhaus homes offer excellent protection from airborne and impact sounds entering the rooms. Additional soundproofing is also possible if required.