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If you stay in the log home Freiburg for your holiday, you can expect luxury of a special kind, because here you can experience firsthand the difference that living makes in a wooden house. As no building chemicals have been used for this construction project, holiday guests can enjoy the luxury of a completely natural and healthy indoor climate. A break in a pollutant-free environment is often a special treat especially for allergic. Due to the special technical drying of all wooden components, our solid wood houses are resistant to fungi and wood-destroying insects. The special resins and oils of the wood have an antibacterial effect and create dust-reducing wall surfaces.

But not only the building ecology offers the holiday guests the greatest possible comfort, but also the spacious planning of the house. In the basement you will find not only the classic technical room but also a bicycle or storage room and another drying room. On the ground floor there is a parent and children's bedroom and a private bathroom. The whole thing is complemented by a spacious kitchen and a small pantry. For long summer evenings with the southeast-facing terrace is also well prepared, which invites you to sit together. The attic just makes hearts of young families beat faster. In the gallery and the playroom there is plenty of space to let the children let off steam even on bad days. The spacious area can also be used for smaller celebrations. Nestled in a picturesque rural environment, the holidaymaker can relax and unwind to the fullest.

For those who are interested in a Chiemgau wooden house, this holiday home offers the opportunity to live in the incomparable indoor climate on a trial basis in order to be convinced of the uniqueness of this material wood. Furthermore, our excellent thermal protection stands out here. With our standard components we achieve a U-value of 0.22 W / m²K and lower, which means that a Chiemgau wooden house has a very low energy requirement. Another unique feature of our houses is the high quality of the building material. We only use local and winter beaten woods, which makes a major contribution to environmental and climate protection. Through the growth of the trees, the greenhouse gas CO2 is taken from the air and used in the structure of the molecular structure. In contrast to the production of common building materials such as brick or reinforced concrete, at Chiemgauer wooden homes, therefore, a positive environmental contribution is already made in the production of the basic building material. Energy-consuming kilns or construction-chemical plants are not needed for Chiemgauer wooden houses.

In case you would like to try out how it feels to live in a real Chiemgau wooden house, then you can directly book your next holiday here. We wish you an unforgettable holiday in Bavaria.

We stand for the best quality!

Building physics compliant with all mandatory requirements for fire, sound and thermal protection.

Long service life and stability, with value increasing through the generations.

Optimal indoor climate, humidity control through breathable walls. High degree of comfort through warm wall surfaces.

Controlled manufacture: Material quality guaranteed through membership of the Gütegemeinschaft Blockhausbau e.V. and certified by the RAL quality seal.

Homogeneous wall nature pure, since the wall components as well as the insulation are made of wood.

Architectural freedom: Timber construction allows both traditional styles as well as individual architectures to be realised in wood.

Environment and responsibility: Building with the only renewing building material. Environmentally sound disposal. Lower cost of heating through Chiemgau Low-Energy houses.

Natural beauty - offers increased quality of life through comfortable and healthy living.

Wall construction

In the course of assembly, a twelve centimetre thick unlaminated spruce log is pre-compressed in the wall applying several tons of force via a tensioning device, to in this way reduce setting of the timber to a minimum. Twelve centimetre wood fiberboard panels are fitted on the inside, with ventilation, serving as the services cavity. The buildings biological wall construction is finished on

Mortgage loan

We can offer you free bank-independent financing and support consultation services and the option of freely selecting banking institutions and conditions.

We would also be happy to negotiate your specific financing conditions with your banks through the HausBauHaus GmbH in-house bankers. We may often be able to optimise your conditions.

Key data

House type: Holiday Home

Floor space: 265,7 qm

Year of construction: 2018

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