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Solid Wood Home Bad Tölz


The Chiemgauer Holzhaus solid wood home “Bad Tölz” offers you unique features such as a healthy indoor climate and outstanding energy saving potential.

We stand for the best quality!

  • Our buildings comply with all building regulations for fire, sound and thermal protection.
  • Our buildings have a long service life and excellent dimensional stability.
  • Optimal indoor climate, humidity control through breathable walls. High degree of year round comfort through warm wall surfaces.
  • Controlled manufacture: Material quality guaranteed through membership of the Gütegemeinschaft Blockhausbau e.V. and certified by the RAL quality seal.
  • Homogeneous wall design provides a natural and pure system, since the wall components as well as the insulation are made of wood.
  • Architectural freedom: Timber construction allows for a range of traditional wooden homes as well as individual architectural design.
  • Environmental responsibility forms a strong part of our company ethos due to building with the only sustainable material which is environmentally sound to dispose of.
  • Lower cost of heating through Chiemgau Low-Energy houses.
  • Our naturally beautiful homes offer an increase in the quality of life through comfortable and healthy living, with only certain essential man made materials used.


Wall construction

  • Chiemgauer Holzhaus NatureWall wood construction element, non-setting with wood-fiberboard insulation, exposed wood surfaces inside
  • Wood stud walls as interior walls with wood-fiberboard insulation and gypsum board paneling on both sides, grouted, filled and ready to paint
  • Roof: 222 mm thick, heavy wood-fiberboard insulation (160 kg / m3), full surface roof panels
  • Wooden windows, triple-glazed
  • Floor construction with leveling filling, footfall noise board and wood fiberboard for insulation


Key data

House type: Single Family Home

Number of rooms: 5

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