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Solid Wood Home Chieming


The Chiemgau solid wood house Chieming offers you unique convincing features such as a healthy indoor climate and excellent energy saving potential.


We stand for the best quality!

  • Building physics compliant with all mandatory requirements for fire, sound and thermal protection.
  • Long service life and stability, with value increasing through the generations.
  • Optimal indoor climate, humidity control through breathable walls. High degree of comfort through warm wall surfaces.
  • Controlled manufacture: Material quality guaranteed through membership of the Gütegemeinschaft Blockhausbau e.V. and certified by the RAL quality seal.
  • Homogeneous wall nature pure, since the wall components as well as the insulation are made of wood.
  • Architectural freedom: Timber construction allows both traditional styles as well as individual architectures to be realised in wood.
  • Environment and responsibility: Building with the only renewing building material. Environmentally sound disposal.
  • Lower cost of heating through Chiemgau Low-Energy houses.
  • Natural beauty - offers increased quality of life through comfortable and healthy living.


Wall construction

  • Chiemgau Natural Wall wood construction element non-setting (15.5 cm) with wood fibreboard insulation (14 cm), exposed wood surfaces inside
  • Wood stud walls as interior walls with 80 mm Holzflex® insulation and gypsum board panelling on both sides, grouted, filled and ready to paint
  • 160+22 mm thick, heavy wood fibre insulation boards (160 kg / m3), full surface roof panels
  • Overlapping wood panelling, larch
  • Wooden windows, larch, triple-glazed
  • Floor construction with levelling filling, footfall noise board and wood fibreboard for insulation
  • High quality solid wood staircase without risers, with mezzanine railing and faceplate


Mortgage loan

We can offer you free bank-independent financing and support consultation services and the option of freely selecting banking institutions and conditions.


We would also be happy to negotiate your specific financing conditions with your banks through the HausBauHaus GmbH in-house bankers. We may often be able to optimise your conditions.

Key data

House type: Single Family Home

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