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Solid Wood Home Kitzbühl


The solid wood home Kitzbühel combines modern living comfort with traditional alpine elements. Due to the relatively steep property, the house was built into the hillside. The two-storey house includes a cellar and the ground floor, the basement is used as a basement apartment as a fully fledged living space. For this reason, the cellar is bordered to the front of the house by a terrace and a beautiful garden.

Particularly impressive is the large light-flooded living room on the ground floor. The wide window front offers a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains and invites you to linger. The woodwork in the living room was glazed, which reminds of the look of classic old wood beams and thus the cosiness of an old farmhouse. The flat roof truss makes the room at the same time livable and generous. The house has been planned, built and furnished with great attention to detail. The builders also attached great importance to a coherent overall concept in the exterior facade, meaning that the alpine style was also implemented here in accordance with all the rules of the art. For example, no copper or Uginoxgutter were installed, but also here wood was chosen.

It thus becomes clear that wood has played a major role in this construction project at every corner, which is not surprising if one looks more closely at the building physics and biological properties of this material. The Chiemgau wooden house only uses wood from sustainable and local forestry, which makes it a CO2 neutral building material. Furthermore, owners of a Chiemgau wooden house enjoy a unique indoor climate, since no construction chemicals are hidden in the walls. There are correspondingly no vapor barriers, glue or glues used, the walls are made only of wood. This pollutant-free room climate is particularly appreciated by people with allergies because the natural materials do not add any additional burden. But even from an environmental point of view, a construction project of this kind is particularly recommended, since the elimination of foils in the wall construction much unnecessary plastic can be saved.

Despite this special design wooden houses such as the solid wood house Kitzbühl have any modern living comfort. Among other things, a lift has been installed in the house, which makes living in an uncomplicated way possible even in old age. A barrier-free life is thus guaranteed despite the slope without further retrofitting. Since there are no limits to the architectural possibilities of wooden houses, all the wishes of the clients can be fulfilled here as well as in the classic brick building.

The energy concept of the house is based on a heat pump, which is responsible for both the heating and the hot water. The floor structure in a wooden house allows easy floor heating, the floor structure is basically freely selectable. The living area has a wood burning stove to enjoy the cozy fire heat on cold winter days. Due to the excellent insulation values, the primary energy requirement is comparatively low, which keeps the house cool on summer days and pleasantly warm on winter days, similar to that of old farmhouses. Finally, it remains to be stated that the idea of ​​the "Farmhouse Reloaded" was again perfectly implemented here: The look is reminiscent of a traditional farmhouse, the building materials are sustainable and have proven their worth for centuries in their versatile properties and yet the builders have any desired Comfort in their own home.

Wall construction

Building physics compliant with all mandatory requirements for fire, sound and thermal protection.
Long service life and stability, with value increasing through the generations.
Optimal indoor climate, humidity control through breathable walls. High degree of comfort through warm wall surfaces.
Controlled manufacture: Material quality guaranteed through membership of the Gütegemeinschaft Blockhausbau e.V. and certified by the RAL quality seal.
Homogeneous wall nature pure, since the wall components as well as the insulation are made of wood.
Architectural freedom: Timber construction allows both traditional styles as well as individual architectures to be realised in wood.
Environment and responsibility: Building with the only renewing building material. Environmentally sound disposal.
Lower cost of heating through Chiemgau Low-Energy houses.
Natural beauty - offers increased quality of life through comfortable and healthy living.

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Key data

House type: Single Family Home

Floor space: 233,6 qm

Year of construction: 2018

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