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Solid Wood Home Nuremberg


The solid wood home Nuremberg offers an apartment for the client family on the ground floor. Already during the planning, attention was paid to barrier-free and handicapped-accessible execution. This means amongst other things threshold-free entrances and exits, over-wide door frames and corresponding equipment of the sanitary facilities. In the attic was developed as a granny flat for a caregiver. The steep roof is designed in such a way that the lighting of the apartment is made above a large dormer with additional space.

The House Nuremberg impressively proves that with the construction of solid wood houses, effortlessly modern, timeless and future-oriented construction projects can be implemented. The natural product wood is complemented by various coordinated technical details, which can further increase the energy efficiency of the house. In this case, a coordinated energy concept consisting of a mechanical ventilation system with heat exchanger, an air-heat pump and a solar storage tank was chosen.

The house is built on a basement, which means that the heating or technical room does not take up unnecessary space on the living space and a lot of additional storage space could be gained. The ground floor serves as a center of residence for the builders' family, where all areas of the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom are covered. The whole thing is supplemented by a fully developed attic.

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The building was created with the exception of a few static load-bearing components in glue-free and metal-free solid wood construction. On the ground floor a plaster facade was used, in the attic a larch wood formwork was processed.

Wall construction

The wall structure of the building corresponds to the Chiemgau natural wall system. A combination of solid glue- and metal-free wooden construction elements without foils and vapor barriers, as well as a wood fiber insulation. The wall system is airtight, diffused and therefore offers a comfortable living environment. The ceiling construction consists of solid board stacking elements, also without additives such as glue.

Mortgage loan

We can offer you free bank-independent financing and support consultation services and the option of freely selecting banking institutions and conditions.

We would also be happy to negotiate your specific financing conditions with your banks through the HausBauHaus GmbH in-house bankers. We may often be able to optimise your conditions.

Key data

House type: More Familys Home

Floor space: 452,7 qm

Year of construction: 2016

Number of rooms: 8

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